Writing yoga lessons

Writing yoga lessons that focus on core work

Writing yoga lesson plans is therapeutic and yet challenging for me. So far, all I have is a certification to teach group exercise. I’m signed-up for yoga teacher training, but I haven’t started yet. I’m unsure of what I’m doing and how to do it, but I’m passionately trying and learning everyday. Whether it’s for my littlest yogis or for when I substitute classes for adults, I find sweet nuggets of inspiration through the breathing exercises and postures.

I totally feel that quote that says something like, when someone teaches two people learn. The lessons I’m attempting to create are teaching me about the asanas and pranayamas with more of a focus on comprehension because I will soon turn around and teach it to others.

Currently, the yoga lesson plans I’m working on are more for me to get an understanding of how this whole thing works. I’m focusing on core strengthening movements right now. The yoga lesson plan’s purpose is to build a solid and strong core in order to improve breathing and help tighten and create pretty abs.

The idea is that as the class moves with awareness and mindfulness, we will stay in the poses slightly longer to build strength, stamina, and endurance. As well as connecting the body to the breath, as it is a key component to working the core.

A strong core relieves back pain, improves digestion, and improves posture.

Beginning the class with…

“Listen closely and allow your body to tell you what it needs.”