Find why you teach yoga

Live with intention to find out why you teach yoga

Find your “why” 

Why are you a yoga teacher? That’s your story. Think back when you first started yoga. Why did you walk on that mat the first time? What did you experience that made you want to do all the work that RYT 200 certification takes to become a teacher. What’s your story through Yoga Teacher Training?

Go back to the beginning of your yoga practice

For me, I began yoga as a college student while I was in a modern dance company. We began every dance session with a combination of yoga and dance. We learned to use our breath as a tool for moving through our space as dancers. We used yoga for flexibility and body weight strength training. That’s as far as it went for me. I never even heard of the philosophical side of yoga. Then, I got pregnant for the first time and stopped movements, yoga and dance.

I fell in love with yoga after my second child was born and I went to yoga for relief from the constant emotional struggles of mothering and the physical pains of giving birth.

Susan Oliver was the teacher that broadened my realization that there is yoga beyond handstands and she encouraged me to become a teacher. In the meantime before teacher training started, I fell in love with the yoga community on Instagram, which also taught me a lot about yoga despite the picture perfect poses that I’ll never achieve.

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” -Alexandra K. Trenfor

The story I tell, my yoga teacher “why,” is that I want to facilitate the joy and relief for my students that I experience in my personal yoga path.

Your story

While I do believe there is a yoga for everyone, not everyone will love every teacher’s class. Which is why as a teacher, you have to know and embrace your personal yoga story.

Your story attracts your tribe

Your story determines the atmosphere you create in your classes through your theming, cueing, music, message, and even your promotional efforts. Your story sets you apart from all the other yoga teachers, studios, and gyms in your area.