Gentle flow yoga

Gentle prenatal yoga

Gentle prenatal yoga is a great place for beginning a yoga practice. Especially, for students who haven’t tried yoga yet or for a longtime. Gentle prenatal yoga classes typically have an emphasis in slowing down the pace, staying tuned into the breath, and moving intentionally. In addition to beginners, this class works well for people who are any of the following:

  • injured
  • recovering
  • older
  • bigger bodied
  • anxious or nervous

Why my classes are all gentle flow yoga

I’ve been teaching gentle flow yoga classes since day uno as a yoga instructor. I love teaching gentle flow. I get to learn all the different aspects that go into health conditions by teaching my classes in series. I really enjoy teaching in series because it gives us a goal to work on for the next handful of weeks. Plus, it varies my cuing, sequencing, themes, prayanama, and meditation. Keeping my classes focused on a particular theme for a few weeks, we get to dive deeper into yoga philosophies and poses.

Series of classes in gentle flow focusing on:

  • Hamstrings
  • Back care
  • Back bends
  • Chakras
  • Mental health
  • Bone health
  • Hips
  • Shoulder care
  • Gentle core awareness

All of these gentle classes are beneficial to everyone. We don’t have to suffer from osteoporosis to benefit from the class. Everyone will still benefit from the class because it’s still yoga. Worst case: you learn about how yoga will benefit someone who does suffer from bone loss (spoiler alert: we all will at some point). Not prego? No prob. Look at it as a root chakra balancing class and enjoy being grounded during your practice.

Current gentle flow class

The series I’m currently teaching is mental health. People who suffer from anxiety and depression are typically encouraged by medical professionals and bloggers (me!) to pick up yoga as a way to cope. The first class of the series was on depression. So, true to class description Gentle Flow, we flowed. We kept moving to energetically balance ourselves out of a lethargic state. Or, at least help. We learned that sadness isn’t bad. We can use our sadness as a jumping off point to make a change in our lives. We opened our eyes, breath, and awareness to our surroundings and the people who love us.

The next class in the series focused on anxiety. The music was sleepy. The movements were deliberate. We had to sit with ourselves on our mat. We twisted ourselves into pretzels, rolled into balls, and flattened all the way out like pancakes. We learned breath work and meditations to help calm ourselves when we’re anxious.

Next series for gentle flow classes

I’ve noticed a lot of shoulder injuries in my students. That’s a difficult modification for me to come up with on the fly, so the next series I’ll do on shoulder care. We’ll learn how to protect, strengthen, and lengthen all parts in and surrounding the shoulders. Balancing our heart chakra so we’re not closed off but we’re also not wide open for anyone and everyone to break our hearts.

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