Yin chakra yoga

I recently taught a yin class at both the YMCA and Crossfit Ionracas. I’ve been meaning to explain the chakra system to my students because I refer to it often, but it’s hard to teach a complicated concept during a flow class. 

Our practice is the awaken the Kundalini, which is the primal energy that rests at the base of our spine, like the coils of a sleeping snake. Kundalini yoga moves this energy up our spine. But, first, note that I am not a Kundalini instructor. I can’t even pretend that you can come to me to balance your chakras. That makes me laugh just writing it. Puuulease. We’re all on a journey to the truth, and all I can share is what I understand in order to expose my students to what might possibly be a new concept. 

So, I’m starting at the beginning. Forget about all the aspects of the wheel. Or, the details of the colors, foods, crystals, and elements. I only have an hour, peeps. It went over so well I decided to post the class on here for my students to come back for a review.

Yin chakra yoga class

Just like water flows in a stream, so does energy inside our bodies. Imagine there is a stream of energy running up your spine. Within that stream, there are seven (debatable, I know) pools starting at the base of your spine reaching up and out through the crown of your head. These seven energy spots are called chakras. Sometimes, because life is messy, the energy doesn’t flow as it should due to imbalances. We’re going to balance our chakras with a combination of awareness, asanas, breathwork, and affirmations. We’ll also learn the location and purpose of each chakra.


Deals with our security, stability, sense of belonging, safety, physical survival, fear, insecurity

Located at the base of spine, legs, feet

Manifests in our relationships through our ability to trust one another

Weak if you:

  • Feel lack of physical energy
  • Are stuck in an unfulfilling, unrewarding job
  • Find your well-being is highly dependent on external circumstances
  • Believe money = security

Physically we suffer from eating disorders, adrenal fatigue, foot/leg pains/injuries, rectal/colon problems, immune disorders, bone disorders

Affirmations: I am grounded, stable. I am safe and secure. I have everything I need for this moment.



Deals with our sexuality, pleasure, creativity, joys of intimacy, desires, sexuality

Located in our hips, sacrum, genitals

Manifests in our relationships through our ability to surrender and experience joy, passion

Weak if you:

  • Struggle to see yourself as desireable
  • Find it difficult to open up in relationships
  • Have a tendency to end up in sexually incompatible relations
  • Questioning if you’ll ever find love

Physically we feel we rarely have the time or desire for sex, lack of creativity

Affirmations: I value, respect, and enjoy my body. I’m open to experiencing the present moment through my senses. I allow myself to experience pleasure.


Solar Plexus

Deals with our ego, personal power, ability to make decisions and take action, willpower, ambition

Located in stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and spleen

Manifests by finding freedom in our relationships yet still staying committed to each other

Weak if you:

  • See yourself as powerless, struggle with self-esteem issues
  • Feel embarrassed by what people think of you
  • Feel like a victim, often feeling powerless to circumstances and other people’s desires

Physically we feel frequent stomach pains, anxiety

Affirmations: I stand up for myself. I’m courageous, and worthy of love, respect. I direct my own life. I’m free to choose in all situations.



Deals with our love, compassion, relationships, self-acceptance, belonging

Located in the center of chest, physical heart, lungs, upper torso, shoulders, arms, hands

Manifests in our relationships through vulnerability and intimacy 

Weak if you:

  • Rarely allow yourself to open up to others
  • Sabotage relatioinships with distrust, anger
  • Are unable to let a situation rest because it didn’t go your way
  • Clingy, needy in relationships, anxious your partner doesn’t need you like you need them

Physically, we experience heart disorders, chest pain, asthma, allergies, circulation problems

Affirmations: I feel compassion, empathy for the struggle of others. I forgive, let go of resentments, and I’m able to heal. I courageously, unconditionally give, receive love.



Deals with our self-expression, honesty, truth, communication

Located in the center of the throat, neck, jaw, teeth, gums, mouth, lower sinus, thyroid gland

Manifests in our relationships through consistently open lines of communication

Weak if you:

  • Are afraid to speak up and voice your opinions around others
  • Settle with following others opinions
  • Are described as the “quiet one” at work and with friends

Physically, we have sore throats, swollen glands, sinus problems, disorders of the throat, mouth, teeth, gums

Affirmations: I speak up for myself. I express myself with clarity, confidence. When I speak, I don’t back away from what’s true. I express gratitude towards life.


Third eye

Deals with our intuition, sense of purpose, direction in life

Located in our center of forehead, upper frontal sinuses, eyes, ears, outer layers of brain

Manifests clarify and rids our thinking of illusion in our relationships

Weak if you:

  • Feel lost when it comes to having a sense of purpose in life
  • Are indecisive, uncommitted, unconfident of the decisions you make
  • Have an active imagination, but not in a good way, as you spend much of your day in analytical mode

Physically, experience headaches, feeling of tension in your brow area

Affirmations: I’m connected to God, the divine source of the universe. I honor, follow my intuition. I invite sacred transformation. It’s safe for me to see the truth.



Deals with our connection to the divine within and all around us, union, freedom

Located in the crown of the head, central nervous system, deep brain functions

We’re bringing ourselves into a state of union with the divine and ourselves, which helps us to transcend our egos for a perfect union.

Weak if you:

  • Feel disconnected to a higher power
  • Feeling of loneliness, insignificance
  • Are stuck in an unfulfilling, unrewarding career
  • Have a strong attachment to possessions, relationships
  • Define yourself by what you have

Physically, we have migraines, tension headaches

Affirmations: My soul is nourished by quiet time, relaxation. When I’m calm within, I grow a sense of wonder for all creation. I trust that what I do to bring peace to my inner being, to nourish my soul – also brings peace, nourishment to others around the world.

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