Kingsport breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding is good for your baby

Giving your baby the most important gift for her immune system, nervous system, skeletal system, brain, and every other part. Protects them from pain. Boosts IQ.


Breastfeeding can help with diabetes protection in unique ways. First of all, if a mother develops gestational diabetes during pregnancy, the longer she breastfeeds postnatally the more it will help protect her from developing type 2 diabetes herself. Possible causes are the maternal metabolic cost of breastfeeding and healthy endocrine responses associated with breastfeeding. Secondly, breastfeeding will help prevent her baby from developing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in his or her lifetime. Studies show that breastfeeding for 2 months or longer is associated with a 40% risk reduction for the baby developing diabetes by age 40.

13511034_1124406650935681_6416796550780340138_nphoto by Jessica Scheuer Photography

Breastmilk is perfect, balanced food for your baby.

Breastmilk is free and readily available.

Breastfeeding increases mama + baby bond.


Breastfeeding is good for you. Even if you’re a feminist.

We have gone too far with the popular modern day faux feminism. When we look to be equal to men, we lose our ability to advocate for the attributes that makes women unique. It’s our magic that we’re able to carry, birth, and feed the next generation. Don’t suppress motherhood in hopes to be equal to a man.


Plus we have the struggles against corporations and male-dominated medical specialties like obstetrics, psychiatry, and pediatrics. Overall, the message to mothers is that we are basically broken and require medical support, intervention, and monitoring. We’re told that breastfeeding is just too hard, that it’s common for our breasts not to perform as biologically expected, and that we should just give up. In fact, that’s what the formula and baby-food industry is banking on. They’ve built this perception that our milk is deficient, that there’s not enough of it, and that we’re not good enough to delivery it appropriately.

Our answer to them is that we focus our energy, activism, money, and attention to the fact that women need:

  • extended paid maternity leave for 1-2 years,
  • innovation for pumping milk and storing it, and
  • society’s viewpoint on breastfeeding to see that it is a sacred practice that should be cherished, not judged.

Women need quality maternity care, work leave policies, and options for flexible work scheduling. The odds are socially against mothers when lingerie advertisements are fine, but lactating breasts aren’t. We’re told that corporations know what’s best when it comes to feeding babies. Our healthcare system gives out formula for free at hospitals, but a high-quality breast pump costs at least $350. 

Kingsport breastfeeding support

kpt bf support

MoonLight Zen hosts Kingsport’s breastfeeding support group meetings every third Monday of the month from 5:30-6:30 pm. We talk about boobs and babies, and sometimes a little of everything else inbetween! Mamas, come meet new friends. Text Misty at 423.408.8056 for more information.

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