Couple’s prenatal yoga

Valentine’s couples prenatal yoga class

Journey into parenthood together as a couple. You’ll learn how to do partner yoga poses, massages, and meditations in a group setting at MoonLight Zen. We’ll learn ways to stay emotionally connected, ultimately though, we’ll have a fun and relaxing class for both beginners and seasoned yogis. Dress to move comfortably.

For: couples currently expecting a baby who want to connect with each other in a gentle yoga class. Beginners will feel comfortable in this class.

Cost: $30/couple. You must register for the class through MindBody to attend.

When: Since space is limited, we’re hosting the class three times:

  • Friday, Feb. 9th from 6-7:30 pm
  • Saturday, Feb.10th from 3-4:30 pm (SOLD OUT)
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14th from 6-7:30 pm

Where: MoonLight Zen is located at 145 West Sevier Ave in downtown Kingsport. Parking is available in the driveway, on the street, in the parking lot directly across the street, or at the hospital’s parking garage on the corner of the block.

Who: Diversity welcome! Class will be led by Chelsey Bishop.


Chelsey Bishop is a mother of 3, birth and postpartum doula, RYT_200, and prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor in Kingsport, TN.

What to expect from this class:

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Opportunity for couples to bond with each other and their own bodies
  • Use yoga as a tool to cope with parenting
  • Ultimately, breath awareness, partner poses, and massage tips.


Partner class fb event

Find unity in yoga

Share a prenatal yoga class as a couple

The meaning of yoga is union. One way we can find unity in our lives is by meeting together to share a practice together. This can be done once or as a frequently shared practice. Couples yoga naturally teach us how to gently crossing barriers and boundaries through an exciting trial and error process. It’s fun, creative, and adventurous.

Partner yoga dissolves false separation couples feel between to help guide them into unity. It teaches us to be sensitive and compromise, in order to allow the playful childlike sense of wonder and humor to come out. We begin to learn to let go and trust the process.


Asking each other if they’re ready

Partner yoga requires us to hone our communication skills. We clearly communicate with each other about not only what we’re doing but also how we’re feeling. We play with balance by pushing and pulling each other’s weight while breathing together. The more we communicate with love, compassion, and truth, the more our yoga practice and relationships grow and evolve.

Partner yoga enhances the awareness with which we see, understand, and relate to each other, while still being true to ourselves.

Power of touch

Support and centering from each other

Human touch has proven healing powers. In yoga, we do this by lending a sturdy ground to balance on. Or, by helping each other relax. As we reach out for our partner, we find support and centering. Feeling touch helps us let down barriers and dissolve boundaries.

Ultimately, partner yoga is about laughing, playing, and having fun together. It brings happiness and joy into our yoga practice, which makes us want to continue to grow as yogis.

Visit MindBody to book the next partner yoga class!


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