Belly Binding

belly binding

Enjoy the fourth trimester with your doula. Belly binding is a great way to physically and emotionally recover from childbirth. Chelsey Bishop will walk you through a guided meditation and gentle stretches while you enjoy the comforts of your own bed at home. Then, you’ll learn how to wrap the belly bind yourself. Reduces separation of tummy muscles, encourages organs to shift back into place, and encourages good posture and strong spine muscles. Hire Chelsey Bishop to be your postpartum doula.


As a postpartum doula, I’ve been specially trained to provide a special service to new moms. It’s called belly binding. It’s my most favorite way to bring relief and relaxation to brand new moms.

According to High Country Doulas:

Traditional wisdom helping modern families

Sometimes referred to as “Bengkung belly binding” for its roots in Malaysia culture where it is traditionally incorporated into a mother’s postpartum recovery process after childbirth. It entails the wrapping of a mother’s abdomen in soft fabric to give her body a slight “squeeze.”¬†¬†This process assists in abdominal wall muscle retraction, improves posture, support loosened ligaments and provide support to the torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position.


Possible benefits of postpartum belly binding include:

  • Hip/Pelvic Support – Belly binding isn’t just about supporting your belly, it’s also great for supporting your hip and pelvic bones too! Belly binding takes advantage of the still present Relaxin hormone that is increased in the body during pregnancy and makes your joints extra loose. While the Relaxin is still high it’s easier for things to move back into their proper place with the support of belly binding.
  • Helping correct diastasis recti – During pregnancy, the uterus grows and stretched out the abdominal muscles. This can cause the large vertical bands just in front of the belly button to seperate. Belly binding encourages the muscles to come back together and strengthens the connective tissues in the abdomen.
  • Self care – It can feel nearly impossible to find time for self-care in the early postpartum period. Although it only takes 10-15 mins to perform, the act of pausing your day to perform a belly binding can be a significant act of self-care. In cases of traumatic, or complicated birth experiences, the act of performing a belly bind on yourself can help with giving a sense of ‘closure’ and safety.
  • Lower back support – After birth moms spend much of their time breastfeeding and/or baby holding. This means a lot of strain on the back muscles. Belly binding acts as a natural support system to your back as you develop those muscles back during the postpartum period. Our clients report feeling much better when using their belly wrap throughout the day and experience less back pain and improved posture.


Hire Chelsey Bishop to do your belly binding because:

I will come to your home in those early days with your brand new newborn baby to present you with the beautiful handmade belly binding wrap. I’ll wrap your belly, teaching you as I go, then you’ll wrap yourself while I watch to make sure you understand how to do it. Then, I’ll have you lay down in your bed while I talk you through a guided relaxation, meditation, and gentle stretching. Your belly binding experience will include the wrap itself and the knowledge of how to use it. As a bonus, I’ll throw in the super gentlest yet yummiest yoga that’ll leave your postpartum, sleep-deprived body will just love.

Learn a simple, yet powerful way to cope with the physical challenges of recovering from childbirth with Chelsey Bishop, the postpartum doula.

I’m your professional mom friend!

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