Couple’s prenatal yoga

Valentine’s couples prenatal yoga class Journey into parenthood together as a couple. You’ll learn how to do partner yoga poses, massages, and meditations in a group setting at MoonLight Zen. We’ll learn ways to stay emotionally connected, ultimately though, we’ll have a fun and relaxing class for both beginners and seasoned yogis. Dress to move … More Couple’s prenatal yoga

Write your birth story

What’s the value of writing about what happened during birth?   Writing your birth story as a way to remember, process, reclaim, heal, and honor your experience. Writing is very therapeutic.  Emotional, autobiographical storytelling can be a path to truly owning your story. We’re talking about writing more than just a factual timeline. Even just briefly … More Write your birth story

Benefits of prenatal yoga

The best way a woman can prepare herself for motherhood is by first preparing her body. Pregnancy begins with lovemaking and conception, then ends with the the natural and involuntary bodily function of giving birth. The whole process of conceiving a baby, being pregnant, giving birth, and mothering is a part of the sexual and spiritual life of a woman. … More Benefits of prenatal yoga